Central Coast Electronics

Consulting Broadcast Engineer

Lincoln City, Oregon

(541) 992-3416


    Central Coast Electronics is equipped to meet the needs of the broadcaster, whether AM, FM or HDTV.

    When you are off the air, minutes are dollars, so our Lincoln City location enables you to receive emergency repair services with a minimum of delay.

   We maintain a data base of station configurations to enable us to analyze your difficulties over the phone. There is NO CHARGE for telephone consultation.

   Whether your transmitters are tube-type or solid-state, we've been there and done that... Harris, Collins, Larcan, Broadcast Electronics (BE), Vislink (Microwave Radio Corporation)... we've worked with them all. *

    Please consider Central Coast Electronics for your broadcast maintenance needs.

Other Services

    Don't go away yet.... if you are not a broadcaster, we may still be able to help you with electronic maintenance needs. We also handle the following:

Examples of Technical Papers

Paper on Bessel Null Calculations

Manual for Atomic Clock Interface

Table of Outputs vs. Inputs for a 90 degree Hybrid

Examples of Projects and Repairs

Sample of Statmon Axess OVI (Operator Visual Interface)

We have lots of experience changing tubes. Some examples:

4CX15000     4CX5000     4CX1000     8807     8792V1     8122     IOT D2100 B    

We also do solid-state work:

Larcan PA Module... Close-up of Trouble    

Examples of Test Equipment Repair

Cushman     CE-6A Service Monitor:

Cushman CE-6A 100 Hz PLL Theory

Cushman CE-6A 100 Hz Loop Alignment Instructions and Engineering Changes

Examples of Amateur Radio Equipment Refurbishment

Heathkit *     SB-200 Linear Amplifier:

Filter Capacitor Replacement         Tube Socket Area Work        

Additions and Repairs Under the Chassis         Lighting off the SB-200 for the first time after repairs        

Testing the Completed Heathkit SB-200 On the Air     *

Hallicrafters *     SR-160 SSB Transceiver and Power Supply:

Cracked meter window         Custom fabricated new window installed.        

Power supply after replacing electrolytic capacitors        

Evaluating the SR-160 performance using standard two-tone test signal        

Checking unwanted sideband attenuation         Checking intermod products (IMD)    

Checking for harmonic radiation    

Completed Hallicrafters SR-160 and Power Supply after testing on air    *

Our   'I Love Me'   Wall

Note: Certain sensitive data on the FCC licenses has been deliberately obscured.
FCC General Radiotelephone License with Ship Radar Endorsement
FCC Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Maintainers License
Amateur Radio Extra Class License
Golden Mike Award for Technical Services
Larcan Transmitter School Diploma
National Business and Educational Radio Technical Recognition
Surface Mount Soldering School

Capsule Biography.

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